Sausalito to Santa Rosa

It was an exciting race day today as the cyclists wound their way 97.2 miles from Sausalito to a packed finish in Santa Rosa. Unfortunately, we witnessed a pretty bad crash near the finish line which put one contender out of the competition, but Levi held onto the yellow jersey for the second day in row.

Perhaps more exciting for The Wellness Community was the launch of the Breakaway Mile. During this mile-long stretch down the actual race course finish line, cancer survivors, their loved ones, doctors, nurses, scientists from Amgen and other supporters biked as a team to demonstrate that it takes a team to fight cancer and that no one has to face cancer alone.

Take a look at these great photos of the day taken by my friend Andy Tao.

The Peleton enters the Santa Rosa Finishing Straight

Jane Luper, Kim Thiboldeaux and Mary Klem

Participants from the Breakaway Mile with George Morrow of Amgen

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  • Jeff

    Great photos and a great story! Have fun and keep up the great work in CA and across the country.