Santa Rosa to Sacramento

The Amgen Tour of California made its way from Santa Rosa today to the beautiful capitol city of Sacramento. The riders wound through Sonoma County and Napa facing some significant climbs on this amazingly scenic 115.8 mile route.

Team CSC’s JJ Haedo won the stage today, while Levi Leipheimer held onto the yellow jersey for the third day in a row!

Amgen organized another fantastic Breakaway Mile today featuring two cancer survivors and their amazing support teams. Our friend Dina Howard, a breast cancer survivor from Sacramento, rode the mile with her husband and close friends, while her two adorable kids, Noah and Maya, cheered mom on from the sidelines.

In addition, one of our participants from our Wellness Community in Walnut Creek, Laurie Frank, had a chance to ride in the race motorcade and experience an exciting up close view of the race. Laurie told us riding in the motorcade was like a crash course in cycling (no pun intended!). She’s an expert now!!

Tune in tomorrow as we travel from Stockton to San Jose

Levi on the Hwy 128 Climb


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