Seaside to San Luis Obispo

Stage 4 of the Amgen Tour of California started out this morning with pounding rain in Seaside as our very own Jim Bouquin shot the starting gun!

Jim firing the starting gun

As teams crossed the start line and began racing 132.6 miles down to San Luis Obispo, they eventually pedaled their way out of the rain into brilliant sunshine. While it was also cloudy and raining in San Luis Obispo, the sun followed the cyclists all the way from Big Sur to San Simeon and eventually greeted the crowds at the Lifestyle Festival in downtown SLO. Festival attendees lined the streets and welcomed Paolo Bettini, as he crossed the finish line, victorious! And Levi held onto the yellow leader jersey – a distinction he has held since Stage 1 of the race!

We also got to visit today with Wellness Community friends Robin O’Leary and Justin Baldwin as Robin and her family and friends rode in the Breakawy Mile and Justin presented the leader jersey to Levi. Thank you Robin and Justin for being with us today!

The O’Leary’s with Kim


Justin Baldwin presenting the leader jersey to Levi Leipheimer


Stay tuned for more exciting news as the Tour continues with a Time Trial in Solvang tomorrow!

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