The Wellness Community partners with Revolution Health

Wanna start a revolution?? That is what Steve Case and his power house board (including Colin Powell) are doing over at Revolution Health Group (RHG). The exciting news? They have approached The Wellness Community to be one of their partners in the cancer space. What are they looking to do? “Revolution Health seeks to create a health company where patients are put at the center of the health system, with more choices, more convenience, and more control over their health care.” I would say that their mission is very consistent with The Wellness Community’s Patient Active Concept. RHG is working to accomplish their goal by focusing on three areas: Content, Coverage, and Care. We are very excited that there will be a mini Wellness Community site within the Revolution site, letting people know about all of our great community resources. Take a look at RHG for yourself by visiting Thank you to RHG for this terrific partnership!

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