Shalom from Tel Aviv

Mitch and I are spending the week here in Tel Aviv visiting with The Wellness Community, our TWC colleagues, patients, caregivers, health care professionals and government officials. After 7 years, our TWC here is thriving. We have spent time with our wonderful, devoted colleagues Margalit, Hassia, Riva, Dafna and many other wonderful TWC facilitators and friends.

On Monday night, we went to the “Wellness Cafe” where 80 patients and caregivers gathered to hear two young cancer survivors talk about how they met in group and traveled to Africa together. They showed slides from their trip and talked about how cancer has given them a new “lens” through which to view life.

Today we went to the Tel Aviv Medical Center and spent time with a Palestinian man from Gaza whose daughter is being treated at the center for cancer. They came to Israel through a special humanitarian program run by the hospital. He and the social workers from the hospital talked about their shared desire for peace and their hope that the amazing one-on-one exchanges that are happening in the hospital through this program might set an important example for what is possible.

Tomorrow we head to Jerusalem to meet with colleagues at the Sharei Tzedek Medical Center.

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