The Tour’s stage 5 time trial in Solvang

Mary Klem, Kathryn West, Alison Liebich and Kim Thiboldeaux

Today’s Time Trial in Solvang turned out to be a spectacular day of the Amgen Tour of California. The morning started with clouds and rain, but eventually gave way to sunshine, which the cyclists and spectators greatly appreciated after yesterday’s grueling weather conditions.

For those of you who have never been to Solvang, it’s a quaint Dutch community in the middle of California with real windmills, delicious bakeries, and an incredible variety of wooden clogs for sale!

Spectators had a great time watching the Time Trial, which consisted of an intense 15 mile circuit route for each cyclist. Once again, Levi Leipheimer came out on top with an incredible time of 30 minutes, 46 seconds and maintained his position as overall leader of the race.

Tomorrow, cycling teams will travel from Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita for Stage 6 of the race. Check back for more race updates tomorrow!

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