The IOM report, "Cancer Care for the Whole Patient" needs to be front and center

As some of you may know, late in 2007 the Institute of Medicine (IOM), part of the National Academies in Washington, DC, released a report called “Cancer Care for the Whole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs.” The report states that:

“Americans place a high premium on new technologies to solve our health care needs. However, technology alone is not enough. Health is determined not just by biological processes but by people’s emotions, behaviors, and social relationships.”

The Wellness Community has been carrying out this mandate for over 26 years in communities across America and now abroad. We have been providing social and emotional support to tens of thousands of cancer patients to ensure that they have the best possible outcomes – to see to it that they have the tools to learn how to live well with cancer.

It is refreshing to see a report like this from a prestigious institution like the IOM which essentially validates our mission and gives us a clear mandate to move forward. You will be seeing many bold initiatives from The Wellness Community in the months ahead around how we plan to implement and institutionalize the recommendations in the report. We take this report seriously and believe that if carefully and properly implemented, it will ensure that the gold standard in care is available to all people affected by cancer.

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