Annual National Young Adult Cancer Awareness week

This week, April 3-9, is the 9th Annual National Young Adult Cancer Awareness Week.An initiative of Vital Options International and the Livestrong Young Adult Alliance, this week aims to spread awareness about proactive health checkups and the topic of cancer amongst young adults – a cause that CSC is proud to endorse.

CSC encourages everyone to check out NYACAW’s PSAs and educational materials, featuring young adult cancer survivors. These brave young people are spreading the message that young adults do get cancer while emphasizing the importance of getting regular check-ups and knowing your own body.For more information, visit their website at Here you will find information on young adult cancer programs and can become involved with awareness initiatives through NYACAW. CSC is proud to support this effort to raise awareness of the importance of regular checkups, access to current information and support for young adults living with cancer.

Many of CSC’s affiliates offer education and support programs specifically for young adults with cancer. To find a local CSC affiliate near you, visit If there’s not a CSC affiliate in your area, we encourage teens who are currently living with cancer, have survived cancer or know someone with cancer to take advantage of Group Loop, an online tool for teens affected by cancer in any way.Group Loop provides educational information and message boards for interacting with other users.To learn more, visit

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  • Anonymous

    grouploop is amazing! love the section on how to visit the doctor – most young adults and even older folks don't know how to do this!! :(
    thanks for posting. super helpful!