Celebrating Cancer Caregiver Awareness day!

Here at CSC we spend a lot of time talking about resources for survivors. We offer patient education materials, workshops, online materials and extensive information to help survivors handle daily needs as they go through their cancer experience. However, we’d like to use this opportunity to spotlight one of the most important resources survivors can have in their life- a caregiver.

The Cancer Support Community offers a wide variety of resources for caregivers including the release of two resource books on caregiving, both while living close to your loved one and caregiving from a distance. From our Ten Tips for Caregivers, the first and perhaps most important tip is to find support for yourself. Caregiving can be stressful, draining and sometimes lonely. Find a support group such as the ones offered throughout the CSC affiliate locations as well as online or just ensure that you too have a support system surrounding you.

November 21st celebrates the people who stand by our survivors throughout their cancer journey and beyond. These are the ones who drive survivors to their treatment and hold their hand throughout, who communicate news to family and friends, who help manage daily life tasks so a survivor can concentrate on treatment. To the people who help in these or the hundreds of other ways, we at CSC offer a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Comment below and give a shout out to thank a caregiver! We’d love to hear your inspiring stories.

Our caregiving resources are provided through a generous grant from the National Philanthropic Trust. For more information about caregivers and caregiver resources check out some of these partner organizations:

Caregiving from a Distance

Family Caregiver Alliance National Center on Caregiving

National Family Caregiver Association

Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving

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