Happy holidays from the Cancer Support Community!

We wish you and your family well during this wonderful but stressful time of year. During this season of celebrating there can be an added pressure if you or someone you love has cancer. Here are some tips to keep you healthy, happy and sane throughout the holiday season.

Realistic expectations: The first thing that comes to mind regarding expectations is a chain email I received around Thanksgiving. It described the myriad of ways that neither I nor my guests would be performing the Martha Stewart-like feats of handcrafting individual table settings, creating fifteen dessert options and spending hours polishing crystal stemware to that perfect sheen. The forwarded email was worth a laugh…and a second thought. Fatigue is the most common side effect of cancer and affects each person differently. Be flexible, get enough rest, and keep things simple.

Enjoy the moment: Celebrate the day-to-day moments with loved ones. Take time for yourself to relax. Don’t feel pressured to feel a certain way because of the season.

Take Care of Your Health: Winter is also cold and flu season. Roughly 1 in 5 people get the flu each year. Cancer patients and survivors are at a greater risk of developing complications. Take steps to protect your health. Get a flu shot. Make sure to wash hands especially when socializing. Eat small room temperature meals to address nausea. (For more tips on nausea click here)

We will be expanding more on cancer and the holidays this Tuesday, December 20 on Frankly Speaking about Cancer radio show. Tune in at 4pm EST.

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