CSC Team trains Patient Advocate Foundation case managers


This morning, Ivy Ahmed and Mitch Golant completed a training of Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) case managers in Newport News, VA and via teleconference across the US.  We focused on CSC’s robust programs and resources including the affiliate network, our Frankly Speaking About Cancer Educational Series and our new CSC Cancer Support Helpline.  The overarching purpose of the visit was to train PAF’s case managers to better understand the cancer patient and family experience given CSC’s nearly 30 years of experience. We presented on the key components of distress and how best to communicate empathy, compassion, as well as manage difficult callers especially those with limited resources. At the heart of the training,  we asked the PAF case managers to share examples of difficult situations and used these cases to help them manage Compassionate Fatigue—helping them effectively manage their own distress and avoid burnout.

In the photo you see Mitch walking around with the portable phone (according to Ivy it looks like a replica of the starship Enterprise!) which served as our link to the remote case managers throughout the US. Thanks to PAF staff especially Pat Jolly and Donna Haraburda for welcoming us and pulling everything together.  A special thanks to all the case managers for sharing your compassionate and poignant stories. You are an amazing team!  Thanks also to Nancy Davenport Ennis, PAF CEO & Founder, for joining us briefly and sharing such kind words about CSC’s programs and services.

About Ivy Ahmed

Ivy Ahmed is the Vice President of Education and Outreach at the Cancer Support Community. In this position she oversees the development, promotion and implementation of national CSC education programs. She also oversees the development of online educational materials and national professional outreach related to education programs. Ivy has over 15 years in public health and has worked in both the private and public sectors promoting cancer education. She served as a health educator and case manager with the District of Columbia’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Program and as the health communications manager with Lockheed Martin on a contract to support to the NCI’s Cancer Information Service. Ivy holds two degrees from the George Washington University, a Bachelor in Literature and a Master of Public Health.

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