Breakaway from Cancer – Day 1: Santa Rosa

Day 1 of the Amgen Tour of California and Breakaway from Cancer (BFC) was fantastic!  In addition to being a part of the greatest cycling event in the U.S., CSC is honored to be a part of BFC for the 7th consecutive year and it is truly an honor.  As you may have read in previous blog entries, BFC is designed to raise awareness of support resources available to people touched by cancer.   The partner organizations cover each of the key areas of need of the people we serve from prevention (Prevent Cancer Foundation), to reimbursement/access issues (Patient Advocate Foundation), to survivorship (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship), to social and emotional support (Cancer Support Community).

Today, I met so many wonderful people who truly wanted to discuss their journey with cancer.  I met a woman in her 40’s that lost her dad to cancer 2 weeks ago – she clearly misses him and she will join an online bereavement group.  I met Chris who walked the Breakaway Mile in honor of a loved one currently in active treatment.  I met a beautiful and articulate woman who shared with me that her 30-year journey began with a diagnosis of breast cancer, then colon cancer, then uterine cancer. She was celebrating her daughter’s 5-year survival of a diagnosis of uterine cancer – and as she was leaving, she tapped me on the shoulder and said, “By the way, I’m 82-years old!”   These are the stories of people living with cancer.  Some live with the loss of cancer, some live with the battle of cancer, and some live with the ability to celebrate the victories.

The Cancer Support Community would like to congratulate Marc Van Riper who was named the Breakaway from Cancer Champion – Santa Rosa!  Marc co-founded Kathy’s Camp for Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of children whose parent has cancer.  Marc led the Breakaway Mile and walked with 100+ cancer survivors, patients, caregivers, and advocates.  We celebrate with them all.

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