CSC presents distress screening tool CancerSupportSource at NCCN Meeting

Cancer Support Community was honored to present information about one of our newest innovations, CancerSupportSource™ (CSS) at this year’s NCCN Academy for Excellence & Leadership in Oncology™ School of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Business. The session was the last in a two-day meeting that provided pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals with the significant opportunity to view the oncology space, its future and its current operational issues.

I joined Ken Berlin of Rosetta Genomics, Jack Mahoney of Florida Health Care Coalition and Kurt Neumann of ION Solutions in a panel discussion in the session Innovations in Oncology. We each brought a unique perspective to key and relevant issues in the healthcare arena today including collaborations, the impact of the Affordable Care Act and opportunities for partnership. It was a great opportunity to discuss several of our key initiatives but in particular, CancerSupportSource™, our distress screening tool available through affiliates, hospitals and cancer centers. CSS is a remarkable addition to our many resources for health care professionals and patients in the oncology community.

NCCN, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, an alliance of 21 of the world’s leading cancer centers, develops resources that present valuable information to the numerous stakeholders in the health care delivery system. The primary goal of all NCCN initiatives is to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of oncology practice so patients can live better lives. For more information about NCCN and their initiatives and programs, visit

About Ivy Ahmed

Ivy Ahmed is the Vice President of Education and Outreach at the Cancer Support Community. In this position she oversees the development, promotion and implementation of national CSC education programs. She also oversees the development of online educational materials and national professional outreach related to education programs. Ivy has over 15 years in public health and has worked in both the private and public sectors promoting cancer education. She served as a health educator and case manager with the District of Columbia’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Program and as the health communications manager with Lockheed Martin on a contract to support to the NCI’s Cancer Information Service. Ivy holds two degrees from the George Washington University, a Bachelor in Literature and a Master of Public Health.

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  • Anonymous

    The CancerSupportSource is a fantastic idea to make distress screening available to the public! With psychological distress affecting nearly 25% of cancer patients, diagnosing psychological problems is just as important and beneficial to a patient’s recovery as the initial cancer diagnosis. The CancerSupportSource is an awesome opportunity for patients to receive this diagnosis which might have otherwise been unavailable.