CSC trains new Open to Options specialists to help people facing a cancer treatment decision

On November 7, I spent the day with 20 of my CSC colleagues who gathered in Los Angeles to be trained to offer CSC’s novel Open to Options™ treatment decision counseling program. These 20 licensed mental health professionals are now Open to Options Specialists who can help people who need to make a decision about their cancer treatment feel sure that it is the best decision for them.

Hearing the words, “You have cancer,” is the beginning of a journey that for most people is overwhelming and stressful.  Among the most important decisions you will face is deciding what the best treatment option is for you—yet many people feel unprepared to make this important decision. How does someone even go about understanding the complexities of some of the new cancer treatments? How can you decide which of several options might be best for you?

Open to Options was designed by CSC to help those facing a treatment decision create a personalized list of questions to discuss with their doctor. Available at no cost, this program is available at local Cancer Support Community centers and over the phone. Our Open to Options Specialists can meet with you and help you to identify the questions and concerns you have about the treatment options your medical team is suggesting. Open to Options Specialists do not provide medical advice or tell you what to ask. Rather, through a guided interview lasting about an hour, they help you to think about your beliefs, values, goals, concerns and worries and turn this into a list of questions.  You will come away from your meeting with a list of your questions that you can share with your doctor. Having the answers to these questions will help you and your doctor work together to make the best possible decision about your treatment.

To learn more about Open to Options visit our website.

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To schedule an Open to Options over the phone, call 888-793-9355

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