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Remembering that cancer is “not beyond us”

Today is World Cancer Day, an opportunity to raise awareness of cancer and its impact on local communities all over the globe. This year’s theme is “Not Beyond Us.” This tagline can be interpreted and applied in a few different … Continue reading

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Rethinking the New Year’s Resolution

2015 is here. How’s it going with those resolutions? Well, no judgment here—I myself have not yet hit the treadmill this week, my diet hasn’t made much of a noticeable change, and my monthly coffee shop budget is almost in … Continue reading

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What to listen to on your next trip

Looking for something to listen to on your next road trip? You can now hear audio narrations of our most popular blog posts and website articles on a new app called Umano. Remember books on tape? This is like that—only … Continue reading

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What my dad’s melanoma taught me about sun safety

For as long as I have known my father, he has had a large square-shaped scar on his left temple. Before I was born, he had Stage 3 melanoma on the side of his face as well as on the … Continue reading

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Working together to achieve the same mission

Google “cancer organization” and your browser’s results will seem endless. All sorts of nonprofits are out there offering a variety of educational resources and supportive programs for people impacted by cancer, whether on a local, national or international level. But … Continue reading

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