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Coping with the cost of care

Hearing that you or someone you love has cancer can be overwhelming. Many people ask “Will my insurance cover my care?” or “Will my family be burdened with huge debt?” Managing the cost of health care today can be challenging … Continue reading

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Happy holidays from the Cancer Support Community!

We wish you and your family well during this wonderful but stressful time of year. During this season of celebrating there can be an added pressure if you or someone you love has cancer. Here are some tips to keep … Continue reading

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Celebrating Cancer Caregiver Awareness day!

Here at CSC we spend a lot of time talking about resources for survivors. We offer patient education materials, workshops, online materials and extensive information to help survivors handle daily needs as they go through their cancer experience. However, we’d … Continue reading

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Gone too soon: CSC remembers Kara Kennedy and Eleanor Poling

Two daughters of renowned Democratic politicians – both of whom faced cancer, both at just 51 years of age – died on September 17th. Kara Kennedy, daughter of late Senator Edward M. Kennedy died of a heart attack. Kennedy was … Continue reading

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CSC President and CEO remembers Steve Jobs

Like most of us, I didn’t know Steve Jobs, but I watched his fight. Mr. Jobs changed our world. He was a true visionary – a legend. But what I admired most in him was his tenacity. In my job … Continue reading

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