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What to do when there’s a drug shortage

In recent years the number of drugs that are in short supply has been increasing, including drugs used to treat cancer. Most of these shortages are for drugs that are injected, or given intravenously. Some of these shortages are short-term … Continue reading

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Making a decision about cancer treatment?

The good news in recent years is that there are more and more types of treatment for many kinds of cancer. No longer does “one size fit all” when you are making a decision about the type of treatment you’ll … Continue reading

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Finding meaning and purpose in life after a cancer diagnosis

Hearing the words “you have cancer” is a life changing event that for many people causes stress, fear and loneliness. Although life will almost certainly change dramatically, for many people this can bring some positive changes. A diagnosis of cancer … Continue reading

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How to start a cancer support group in your community

“How can I start a support group?” is a question I am often asked. For people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones, there is increasing evidence that support groups can be beneficial in improving not only the day-to-day quality … Continue reading

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Tips for managing the holidays when living with cancer

It’s a special time of year if you are celebrating any of the seasonal holidays. Celebrations, religious observations, cooking, decorating, gift-giving, time with friends and family—these are just a few of the things filling up your calendar.  If you or … Continue reading

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